Not sure where to go next, need help

Hi All,

I have been backpacking around SE Asia for the last couple of months. I’ve currently been to Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia, and loved the time I spent there! The first few weeks of my travels I was solo but since then have been moving around with some friends from home that flew out to join me.

We’ve been island hopping in the south of Thailand for the last couple of weeks and while I’ve really enjoyed it I’m beginning to get a bit bored of the constant partying and touristy vibes on the islands. Don’t get me wrong I like to drink and party, just not days on end! I love meeting new people at the hostels I stay, but I find there are some days that I just want to spend on my own. I’ve found I prefer the activities like jungle trekking, moped loops and visiting cultural and historical sites , while still going out a few nights a week.

I’ve also missed travelling solo, so I’ve decided I’d like to do this next month or two on my own. I’m looking to spend about one month per country with the intention of returning home in early August, however this is flexible.

The problem is I don’t know where to go next! The current list of countries I’m interested in visiting includes: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Nepal. I’ve also been considering doing a one month Muay Thai camp in Thailand.

Nepal is currently at the top of the list as I’ve heard many good things about the country and it’s great for activities such as hiking. I’m fit but by no means an experienced hiker so would be interested to hear your experiences with trekking/travelling in Nepal as a newbie.

That being said I’d still love to visit the other countries mentioned, however I just don’t know that much about them! I’d love to hear your experiences and any recommendations you may have. My travels also aren’t limited to the countries I’ve listed above, I’m open to suggestions of countries from any continent!

Tldr: 22M doing next two months travel solo, not sure where to go next. More interested in activities but still want a bit of social/drinking aspect. Looking for advice and recommendations.

Not sure where to go next, need help