Peru backpacking budget help

Hi all!
I am planning my first solo backpacking trip to Peru this August. Super excited but as I was planning I realize I am spending a lot more than what I’ve read online so far! Can anyone take a look at my budget & itinerary and see how I can lower it a little?

The total came out to be $2064, let’s say we add another $15 for colectivo from cusco to Pica & Ollantaytambo + miscellaneous, running total would be $2080 for 21 days. That’s $99 per day.



RT Flight to Lima: $445

Inca trail: $700

Peru Hop: $199

Flight : $70

Hostels: $204

Food: $225

Taxi & shuttle from/to airport: $30


– Paracas Golden shadows trek $26

– Paracas Islas Ballestas tour $19

– Huacachina sand boarding & buggy ride $19

– Colca Canyon 2 day tour $63

– Lake titicaca day tour $29

– Rainbow mountain day tour $35

Total: $2064


Day1: Arrival @ Lima airport

Day2: Lima

Day3: Lima – Paracas

Day4: Paracas – Huacachina

Day5: Huacachina – Nazca – overnight bus to Arequipa

Day6: Arequipa

Day7: Colca Canyon

Day8: Colca Canyon

Day9: Arequipa – Puno

Day10: Lake titicaca – overnight bus to Cusco

Day11: Cusco – Pisac

Day12: Rainbow Mountain

Day13: Ollantaytambo

Day14: Inca Trail

Day15: Inca Trail

Day16: Inca Trail

Day17: Inca Trail

Day18: Cusco

Day19: Cusco – Lima

Day20: Lima

Day21: Departure

Thank you in advance!!

Peru backpacking budget help