Post Breakup Detox Travel

Hi, I’m going through a breakup in a very complicated and inconvenient time between my PhD studies and hectic work and it’s currently hitting me pretty bad. All the lingering emotions makes me feel lost in thoughts constantly.

It’s been 2 years, since I went outside my home country due to Covid mainly and I feel like this is a great opportunity for some detox. Unfortunately, I have no one else to be able to accompany me, so it’s likely going to be a solo travel.

My last abroad experience was in Japan with my now ex girlfriend and I remember it being awesome. As far as I’m aware Japan hasn’t opened back for international travel yet, so I’m wondering if I can approximate that with maybe another Eastern Asian country. I’m mostly into sightseeing & walking around and getting lost as well as experience new foods. I’m thinking of a time of 1 week maybe? Between the dates July 8 – July 16. Any recommendations where I can do those things safely? I’ve never done any solo travel before.

Also, I should ask the opinion of people with similar experience, would this trip help me or do i need something else?

Let me know if you need any information and thank you very much for even considering to help me make this choice.

Post Breakup Detox Travel