Potential Colombia itinerary

I’m seeking guidance as a first-time solo traveler, 34F, American. I plan to head to Colombia in early 2023 and am planning a rough itinerary. I have several different possibilities for a 7-day trip, this is where I need help deciding how to go about it.

First itinerary:

7 days in Medellin

Second itinerary:

4 days in Medellin

3 days in Cartagena

Third itinerary:

7 days in Cartagena

What I really need to know is if splitting 7 days is realistic. I would have to fly to Cartegena, taking up several hours. Then on return, I would have to fly back to Medellin to catch my round-trip flight. I’ve also read that Cartegena has party vibes, and that’s not what I’m looking for. I don’t drink and am not into nightlife. I’m looking more for culture, coffee, wildlife, and ecotourism. I do speak a little bit of Spanish, so that will help. Any input is appreciated! Thanks.

Potential Colombia itinerary