Prague Trip Report


20f from America doing my second solo trip and the first time I’ve been in a country where I spoke none of the language. I’m really into museums, art, good vegan food, and nature so a lot of what I did was centered around that. Prague really called out to me as an artsy city and it did not disappoint. I spent 5 days in total there and then I took the bus to my Workaway location.


I used an app called Trip Coin to track my budget and it was so helpful as I can really be an impulsive spender. I didn’t include flight prices as those will change depending on location.

Food: $102
Activities: $217
Accommodation: $149
Miscellaneous: $48
Local Transport: $13


– Jewish Quarter museums and synagogues
– Central Art Gallery
– Paddle boarding on the Vltava River
– Vysehrad castle complex
– Swiss Bohemia National Park day trip
– Night out at the Jazz Republic jazz club
– St. Vitus Cathedral
– Just walking around, looking at the architecture ad painting/drawing

What went right:

In my last trip report, I talked about spending too much money on Ubers because I couldn’t figure out the public transport. You’ll be happy to know that I toughed it out and figured it out in Prague. It definitely helps that the public transport there is super easy to use, all you have to do is buy a ticket for a certain amount of time, validate it when you get on the bus/tram/metro and then you can use any combination of the three for the time your ticket is valid for. I love it! I also was nervous about the amount of vegan options that might be available since Czech food is known to be meaty but I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of vegan food available.

What went wrong:

Well, not a lot went very badly wrong but there was a day where it just seemed like nothing was going right. My purse broke, I accidentally ate something not vegan, a bird pooped on me, and I got a sunburn. I took it all in stride though and I handled it surprisingly better than I thought I would’ve. I also ran into some hiccups at the hostel though. I’m autistic and socializing at the hostel just felt weird to me so I avoided it a lot just because of how anxious it made me which made me sad because I really want to start trying to make other traveling friends.


Definitely go paddle boarding on the Vltava. There’s a sporting center on the river a little outside of the city called Zlute Lazne where I rented a paddle board for $10/an hour. It was all locals too. You could take the red line to Vysehrad, walk around there for a while and then it’s a 30 minute walk to the sport center so it was definitely one of my favorite days. I also really recommend going to the Swiss Bohemia National Park, and waking up super early to go see the sunrise on the Charles Bridge. There were about three groups of people there and I got some amazing pictures with the sunrise and hardly anyone on the bridge. I also loved the jazz club, they only do live music on the weekends and you have to book a table but it’s completely free to do so. They sat me with a German family who bought all of my drinks because they felt bad that I was an American student and I have to pay so much in tuition.

Final Verdict:

I loved Prague! I’m going back after my Workaway to do the rest of the things I didn’t get to do, like Petrin Hill, so I’m really excited. I loved drawing and painting the different styles of architecture and being in a city so walkable and rich with culture.

Prague Trip Report