Recommendations for US solo trip around New Years?

Mid 20s female solo traveler looking for some recommendations for New Years time frame that aren’t ridiculously expensive . Currently my top two picks are New Orleans and then maybe New York.

1) Is New Orleans safe for female solo travelers? I’m drawn to this one because of food but I’m a bit wary of the mixed reviews on safety.

2) Is New York “worth it” for New Years? I imagine the ball drop is very well attended, anyone who has done it have you found it super lame? I’ve been to NYC but only for work, I would love to take more time to just explore but also not sold on the New Years crowds.

Also open to literally any suggestions. Mostly just looking to do *something* for my week off, my only real requirements are that it’s public transportation friendly or walkable. Not looking to drive lol. Would also appreciate New Years specific energy but not a requirement.

Thanks in advance!

Recommendations for US solo trip around New Years?