Should I spend my last 1.5 weeks in Hungary or Austria? Help

I’m coming up on halfway through my Central Europe trip, and I have a decision to make. Originally my itinerary was: 3 weeks in Poland, 1 week in Slovakia, 1 week in Czech, 1 week in Hungary, and 1 week in Austria. I’ve now realized that I would rather cut out one of these countries so that I can have 10 days in Czech and 10 days in *whichever country I choose* so that I can have a few more ‘down’ days and not feel so rushed.

Austria has been on my bucket list since I was a kid, there’s so many things I have planned there, and tbh it was the country that I was most excited for when I started planning this trip.

On the other hand, I know Hungary is beautiful and I will enjoy it, but it was kind of thrown into this trip because it fit the vibe and made sense. There’s not as many things that I have planned there.

However, here’s why I’m stuck: I know that if I don’t go to Austria this trip, I will make time to come back to see it. I can’t say the same for Hungary. I’m feeling like this is a “now or never” scenario with Hungary. Of course I want to see *the entire world* but I know that realistically, there are many other places that I will prioritize before Hungary in the future. I don’t want to miss out on an amazing country but my heart adores Austria.

Has anybody been in a similar situation and either regret or are happy with their choice? There’s no financial loss either way, as everything I’ve paid for is refundable. Just looking for some advice :)

Should I spend my last 1.5 weeks in Hungary or Austria? Help