Solo Birthday Trip to Lisbon – Tips?

Hello! 28M here.

So for the last couple of years I’ve been trying to do a little solo backpacking trip to Lisbon but obviously all of the lockdowns royally messed that up. Flash forward to now and I’m finally able to go there and this time it’ll be during my birthday. In total, I’ll be in Lisbon for about 5 days.

All I have planned is that I’ll be staying at Home Lisbon Hostel during my stay there, but I truly have no clue what else is there to do in Lisbon. I want to check out some of the sites and towns nearby like Sintra, Cascais and Nazare…but like that’s all I got.

I’m an extrovert so I have no problem chatting with people, socializing and making friends. I’m a photographer and a surfer, so I’m down to check out any beaches if they’re nearby. I love to party occasionally, so I’m good with any nightlife tips . And I’m a hugeeee foodie, so cafes/restaurant recommendations are always welcome :)

And don’t worry about budget, I like to treat myself every now and then.

But yeah, if you have any tips and recommendations for someone like me, let me know! Help me make my 29th Birthday a wild time :)

Solo Birthday Trip to Lisbon – Tips?