Solo travelling for Día de Muertos / Day of the Dead

Hi everyone!

Wanted to see anyone’s experience solo traveling for Dia de Muertos? I’ve solo travelled quite extensively, but I always tend to travel with friends for festivals or large events and I typically see/meet others in groups as well so I’m curious if there will be or how others have experienced Dia de Muertos solo? Any absolute must dos or things to watch out for? Any hostels you’d recommend staying at for it? Plan to fly in October 28 and then leave the following Friday

I’ve always wanted to go and since my darling mother passed away two months ago, more than ever I’d love to partake in an event that honours our ancestors who have passed.

In case anyone is curious and has tips for the rest of my trip to Mexico. Later I’m planning to head to potentially go to Puerta Vallarta if my friend is there for a week then Puerto Escondido for 2ish weeks a weekish in Oaxaca and then 2ish weeks in San Cristobal . The long stops in each place are because I’ll be working while I’m in Mexico so can only travel to new places on the weekends. Planning to be home a week before Christmas.


Solo travelling for Día de Muertos / Day of the Dead