Suggestions for multi-day travel activities/courses/camps/etc?

Sorry if the title is vague, I’m not sure what these types of things are called! But a few days ago I came across a website doing a giveaway , and you could pick from three holidays to go on.

The first was to Nicaragua, where you’d join a surf retreat. It lasted 8 days, and included all food/accommodation. During the retreat you’d have surf classes, yoga sessions, and do a bunch of activities like horse riding, cooking lessons, and day trips away.

The second was to Cambodia, where you’d go on a Tuk Tuk adventure. Again around a week-long, and included accommodation/food. You got split into teams, and each is given a Tuk Tuk . Then you use maps to travel and get yourself across the country, completing various ‘challenges’ along the way to get extra points.

The third was a trip to Norway, where you’d spend time sailing around the fjords. Learning how to sail, going hiking/kayaking/diving, learning how to fish and cook local meals, etc.

The Norway trip seems like it might have been something privately organised, but the other two are just normal things being offered that anyone can book , Cambodia ).

Recently I also found company in Scotland that does activity-based tours around the Hebridean Isles, focusing on trying to see wildlife and swim with Basking Sharks. They even do a week-long trip to Norway to swim with Orcas!

I imagine there are sooooooo many cool experiences like that out there. It’s easy to find normal tours that guide you around a country, but finding more independent activity focused tours like above is quite hard.

Does anyone know of any others like the above? Something where you can meet up with other solo travellers and learn a new skill / do some activities / undertake a challenge over the course of a week? I think I’ve heard people talk about some retreats in Asian countries that focus on martial arts / yoga / meditation too, which sounds neat.

Recommendations of multi-day group hikes are also welcome!

Suggestions for multi-day travel activities/courses/camps/etc?