Terrible experience in Novi Sad, Serbia

Posting this here to later copy paste as a complaint to FlixBus.

Currently remote working in Budapest for a couple of weeks. It was a long weekend for me, so I decided to do a weekend trip to Serbia since I have heard good things, and I’ve recently been to Slovenia, Croatia and BiH, and was growing interested in Yugoslav history.

Serbia was not the best experience I’ve had but my check-in for my bus back from Novi Sad to Budapest was the worst travel experience I’ve had.

I made a booking for 11 July operated under FlixBus by Fudeks. When trying to check in, the driver, refused to let me in, saying that Singapore is not in EU or not in the Schengen area and I needed a visa. I told him multiple times that while that is true, Singaporeans do not require a visa to enter the Schengen area. He refused to budge and got more agitated and aggressive, claiming that he is the passport control. I even showed him my stamps on my passport that included Basel, Frankfurt and Röszke, Hungary .

I asked him if he could at least check and he flatly said no, I quote him “no visa means no”. At one point he had me remove my luggage from the luggage compartment. Only before the bus was to depart, while I was frantically trying to look for blablacar or alternatives, was when he decided to “call someone”. And then he said I could get on because “his boss said ok”.

I do not know what the fuck this was — if this was some kind of power play or if I was supposed to bribe him, but I have been traveling on FlixBus for years and honestly, this was disgusting. I’m honestly just super pissed off because it wasn’t cheap by any means, I paid €36ish for the ticket.

Currently on the bus and waiting to reach Budapest before sending complaints to FlixBus and Fudeks, just in case FlixBus CS is fast this time and my feedback gets back to the driver and the situation escalates and I end up in another unsafe situation or get stranded somewhere.

Anyone has had this happen while solo traveling? What’re you supposed to do?

Terrible experience in Novi Sad, Serbia