Thoughts on this itinerary for Bretagne, France

Hi everyone! I’m planning a solo trip for next year’s August, and part of it is visiting Bretagne.

I’ve already been to eastern and southern France, so now I want to explore some of the north-east.

My plan is to stay in Rennes for 10 days or so, and from there possibly rent a motorcycle and make day trips to Saint Malo, Nantes, Quimper, Vannes and Mont Saint-Michel .

I’ve already read some travel blogs but I’ve always found reddit’s opinion interesting, so what do you think? Would you add or take out any destination? Are there any must sees that I’m missing out in your opinion?

For reference, I’m a South American guy in my 20’s, I speak French so that won’t be an issue, and I enjoy both historical and nature tourism. My budget as you might figure is not hefty, but heck if I can’t treat myself from time to time why even bother with working my ass of alk year long.

Thoughts on this itinerary for Bretagne, France