Travel insurance and pre-existing conditions


NOTE: This is a cross-post.

I am planning a trip from the U.S. to New Zealand in September of this year for 30-90 days–potentially 30, so I’ve been calculating that possibility too. I have extensive travel experience, but I have never traveled alone before. I will be staying with my partner on arrival, but I have never flown long-haul alone before, so I hope this is the right place to ask this. This is also the first time I’m buying travel insurance alone .

I believe I may need a waiver for pre-existing conditions. Searching travel insurance plans is quite overwhelming for me as there are so many and sometimes the distinctions are hard to parse. I will be traveling alone by air, I’m 26, and the total cost of my trip is around $4k USD. I don’t need luxury coverage–medical is most important, and then cancellation fees if needed.

The trouble is finding a plan that covers pre-existing conditions, or so it seems to me. What hacks do you have for efficiently finding this kind of plan? Thanks!

Travel insurance and pre-existing conditions