US West Coast without a car (hitchhiking?)

Hi everyone,

I am currently considering going to visit the US west coast, either in September or October this year, or if that doesn’t work out, then in Spring 2023. I would fly into LA and want to make it all the way up to the Canadian border. Ideally I’d go see LA, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and of course some of the nature near those places. Maybe some smaller towns along the way as well. Apart from that, I am interested in live music and just the usual sightseeing.

As the US is very spread out and there isn’t a lot of public transport, renting a car seems like the best way to get around. But I hate driving lol.

Although I have a licence here in the EU , I don’t drive. Instead, I rely on public transport, walking and cycling. I’m also not sure if I’d feel comfortable driving in another country, especially in bigger cities. So is it difficult to travel along the west coast by hitchhiking? I’ve only tried it before for shorter trips and would probably only do it if there are no alternatives, such as long-distance busses. Also willing to share costs of gas, etc. Even if it doesn’t end up easy, I can imagine it being an adventure as well as a personal challenge at least? Within each city, I’d probably have enough money to take taxis/Ubers.

I’d have around 3 weeks in the US. That’s not a lot of time for a country this big, but I think it’s doable for the stops I mentioned above.

Any advice or ideas are welcome.

Thank you!

US West Coast without a car (hitchhiking?)