Want to travel Solo for Euro Trip

Hello, I’ve not been able to travel for few years now because of a certain pandemic. And I finally have time to go do some traveling. I want to go to London first, and then visit few major European cities. Mostly interested in WW2 history, I wanted to go to Russia, but it’s currently not possible.

Not sure if this travel plan is good, and probably very packed. Will visit few tourist traps, museums, and maybe pubs.

Day 1 – Fly to London, UK

Day 2 – London

Day 3 – London

Day 4 – London

Day 5 – Train to Edinburgh, Scotland

Day 6 – Edinburgh

Day 7 – Fly to Paris, France

Day 8 – Paris

Day 9 – Paris

Day 10 – Berlin, Germany

Day 11 – Berlin

Day 12 – Berlin

Day 13 – Rome, Italy

Day 14 – Rome

Day 15 – Rome

Day 16 – Rome to London, Fly back home

Want to travel Solo for Euro Trip