Website to build your experience (activities)?

Do you know of a Website that Let’s you build custom travels including the activities to do there?
I.e. there is a big pool of activities for a Destination that you can choose from. Like for the Island Mallorca: you enjoy being active? Build around hiking, Diving and climbing, para-sailing. But you somehow cannot Drive a Bike? Don’t choose that.
A day or two to relax? Add them in between and beautiful beaches.

Ideally this would be Transformed into a Tour with places to stay the nights and transportation as Well.

Of course I could book this all myself, but I do Not want to Spend countless hours doing Research and having to Deal with all those little Problems that might occur.

Hope someone knows this Kind of Website or something similar. Preferably for Mallorca and active experiences.

thanks in advance

Website to build your experience (activities)?