What do you to when you get sick?

Unfortunately I picked up a head cold from a woman staying in the same hostel room. I heard her sniffles and coughs, and part of me just knew I would pick it up.

So, this prompts me to ask, how have you dealt with either getting sick while solo traveling, or what preventative measures have you adopted?

Not all pharmacies are the same, and I find the US over-the-counter meds far superior. I almost brought some and hindsight wish I had. I do take daily vitamins, and generally practice good healthy habits.

What I’ve done is book an Airbnb for a week so I can rest alone and not expose myself to others the way I was. Much more expensive, but much better for me and others. Still feeling really crummy, but I’ve checked out and on to my next place. Being sick for a week+ is such a bummer and feels like a waste of time.

Any encouraging advice?

What do you to when you get sick?