Which Eurail Pass?

Hello! I’m solo traveling through Europe for the first time later this summer from late July to late October. I am trying to decide if I should purchase the 15 days within 2 months eurail pass for 370 euro or the 3 month continuous for 677 euros or just forget it all together. I’m 24 so I qualify for the youth price. I’ve read numerous posts and sites claiming the pass is only worth it in “pass friendly” countries and expensive countries, So I know my itinerary matters as to whether or not it’s worth it for me. I’ve also seen that having the physical paper pass is better than the glitchy mobile version.

Here is my trip plans so far:

Dublin – 3 days

London – 4-5 days
Edinburgh – 4 days

Bergin 5 days

vossevangen – 1 night
Oslo – 3 days
Stockholm – 3 days
Copenhagen – 3-4 days

Berlin – 4 days
Prague – 3-4 days
Krakow – 3 days
Budapest – 3 days

Bern- 2 days
Jungfrau region – 4 days

Explore Italy for a month
Haven’t completed Italy itinerary but I know what I want to spend my final month exploring Rome, Florence, Venice, the Dolomites, and amalifi coast.

These days are “full days” not including travel days between cities. The only flights I’m planning are the ones listed above, all else is train/bus travel.
I want the flexibility to stay longer/shorter in some places and I do plan to take day trips to neighboring cities as I travel.
The only destination I have on my list that I’m seeing that would be considered an “unfriendly” eurail destination would be Italy, so I’m considering whether I should just not have the eurail pass for Italy and buy tickets as I get when I’m there.

So my options would be:

* Get the 15 days within 2 months eurail pass for 370 and just use it for uk, scandanavia, Central Europe, and Switzerland. Then buy tickets as I go once in Italy

* Get the 3 month continuous eurail pass for 677 and use it for my entire trip and just pay the reservation fees when I need to.

* just buy all train/bus tickets as I go. I can purchase some in advance when I know I’ll be traveling, but mostly will be purchased on day of or a few days prior as I like to keep some level of spontaneity

Any tips/help would be much appreciated!! I’ve also read it’s better to have the physical paper eurail pass as opposed to the mobile version, thoughts?

Which Eurail Pass?